Farming with Cianna

Farming with Cianna

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Furry Friend Introductions ~ Rabbits

Welcome to Farming With Cianna!
I thought right now would be a great time to introduce these four-legged friends to our audience since they are lovin' getting their pictures taken!
Our bunnies here on the farm are the newest type of animal we have brought in. We bought our first rabbits around Easter time 2016 (without my mom knowing) (ooopss).
Funny story..
My friend and I were out shopping for prom dresses one day and the dress shop just so happened to be by Southern States. Of course I couldn't pass my opportunity to see what animals they had at the time, so we went in after our dress searching came to a terrible end (they had absolutely no cute dresses in my size:( prom for me!). We were kindly greeted by the lady at the front register and she showed us to the rabbits. I was hesitant to buy them even though they were SO CUTE, mainly because my mom is always preaching "NO MORE ANIMALS."
Hannah and I agreed that I should call my boyfriend and ask him what to do since we both wanted them. After being told "do what you want", we decided we should buy not one, but two:).
We came home to a farm with no place to house the bunnies. We ended up making a barrier in the garage so that they were trapped in a small area and could not escape. THEY WERE THE CUTEST THINGS EVER!!!
Sadly, the little brown one, Charlie (Hannah's) didn't make it. We're still not sure what was wrong with it. It just got real sick out of nowhere. But Moose, the orange cutie, is still with us today.  Now, he is about two times the size he was in those picture.
Since then, we've added more bunnies to the family so that Moose would be happy, and Dan made them an awesome cage!
They now have a decent size living space and can comfortably do their own thing! Thanks Dan!
We have future plans to make a mobile cage for the yard. It will be on the ground to provide them grass, and have wheels so we can move them around. 

We don't know the breeds of them but we can estimate about how old they are.
It's crazy how fast these little critters grow!

This is Moose now, along with his gorgeous girl, Cali!

These two are not even a year old yet and they are still huge!

These are our newest babies, which we got
last weekend.


This is Coal. He's doing really well in his new environment.
He's very friendly, but loves nibbling on fingers!

This is Jewel. She was sick when we got her and went to be in bunny
Heaven, last  night. She was absolutely precious.


Our rabbits here at the "farm" get a variety of hay, vegies, and grain.
Their favorite snack is celery and they enjoy chewing on hay throughout the day.
They get fed in the morning and at night.
We make sure there is a constant supply of hay,
in order to keep happy bunnies(:
These are all of our bunnies for right now.
 We are hoping to be getting a bunch of babies soon,
but we'll see! I am looking to sell the babies, so I'll keep you posted on that!

Thank you for meeting more of our furry friends today!
Stay tuned in!

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