Farming with Cianna

Farming with Cianna

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Feathered Friend Introductions ~ Ducks!

Welcome back to Farming with Cianna.
I am so happy to be sharing my farming experiences with all my friends and family. I hope everyone is having a great day so far.
To wrap up our intros all together, we have our 15 ducks here at the Savage Farm for you to meet.
We started getting ducks a week after we got our first batch of chicks. That trip to Tractor Supply was one of the best!
It was just mom and I going to pick up some supplies when we heard little peeps coming from the chick section. These sounds weren't like they were the week before. They were louder and more bold.
As soon as I saw the fuzzy little ducklings looking up at me, I HAD to have one!
Of course, they had a minimum of 2 per order, so we ended up coming home with 2 Pekin ducklings.
Ever since then, we have had over 30 more ducks here.
They are each unique in their own ways.
 I definitely love my ducks!
At the moment, we have 13 full grown ducks and 2 babies.
We have a mixture of Pekins, Runners, Mallards, Rouens, Rangers, and mixes.

Our two babies were born about a month ago. One of our own ducks hatched them for her first time!
Since she was a first-time momma, she wasn't the best at her job.
There was a total of 4 ducks hatched. Two were taken by a snake or other critter.
We immediately took in the remaining ducklings to protect them until they were big enough to protect themselves.

 This is Chocolate. She was the third baby to hatch. She looks like the female Rouen ducks, so that's what we're calling her (even though we're not for sure.)
She sticks right beside her sister, Ro (below).

This lovely ducky is Ro.
When she was in the process of hatching out of the egg, she was not strong enough to fully exit the shell. Because the momma thought it wasn't going to make it, she just abandoned it.
Luckily, I was walking over to see if anymore had hatched when I saw Ro just laying there. I could see she was breathing slightly, but she wasn't moving. Being me, I had to go help it because I was already in love with the little creature.
As I was walking through the fence to save the baby, some male ducks came running over to where the nest was located. Not moving, the saw Ro as dinner.
They all attacked the poor baby before I got to them.
I shoved them all away and the duckling was just laying there. At this point I was pretty scared she was going to be gone.
I picked her up (she was no bigger than a ping pong ball), and took her to the garage where we immediately set up a heat lamp and dried her off.
We kept her right by our side as she learned to stand and walk, taking her to the store and other places with us.
Her first steps were so exciting to my sister and I mentioning the fact that she had the hardest time learning to stand.


She lived in my room in a tote when we weren't around, but most of the time she was out doing stuff with the family. (She loved playing in the dirt when we were planting the garden!)
When we decided to be Chocolate in after the other attacks, her and Ro were instantly BFFs.
They are still together today, growing up fast.
For now, that is all our ducks. I'm sure we will get many more after the winter months.
I surely can't wait!
I hope you enjoyed meeting all of the Savage Farm Family over the past three days!
Thank you so much for reading!
Come read later when I publish my Gardening 101 (From Dummies) post!


  1. You're so cute, i love you sm��

  2. The video doesn't work on my phone. Only on the computer

  3. adorable babies.. thanks for the link from BYC.. enjoying your blog.. i blog also, when i have time.. my birdies keep me pretty busy too. :)

    1. Thank you and no problem!
      I'll definitely check it out! Thanks so much for your support(: