Farming with Cianna

Farming with Cianna

Monday, July 18, 2016

Furry Friend Introductions~ Goats

Welcome! As I mentioned in my introduction, we have many animals on what we call our "farm". 
I am going to start their introductions with the goats!:)
These are the funniest animals here (besides the pig). They're not scared of much, so you never know what you'll walk out to see them doing(:
We have four goats here: Bill and Chloe, the parents of Diesel, and there's pepper. 

This is baby Diesel. He was born in February of 2016 along with his little sister who was born allergic to milk. Because of her allergy, she could not digest her mom's milk nor milk replacer. She passed about a month later, but Diesel is doing great.  He is a Nubian-Diary goat mix. Billy and Chloe (the next two) are his parents, and they are great at it!
Here are Chloe, Diesel, and Ailee right after they were born.

Diesel enjoys bucking heads with the other goats and teaching the others new habits such as raising their front paw to shake your hand. He's a wonderful addition to our farm.


 B-b-b-illy is a friendly, loving goat who has been my best friend since day one. We got him from one of our friend's herds, along with Chloe. He has been a great dad to Diesel, teaching him to be just as fun and caring as he is. He's a Nubian mix. Now that Bill is getting older, it is harder for him to maneuver, but he is doing great otherwise. He still loves bucking heads and getting rub downs from us!
This b-eau-eau-tiful Diary goat is Chloe. We got her when we got Billy, and they've been together ever since. She's not as people-crazy as Bill and Diesel, but she is still friendly when she comes around. She tries to avoid human contact unless you have food, and if you do she will jump right up on you until you give it to her!
Lastly, we have Pepper. We recently got Pepper, along with her sister, Salt from some other people we know.  Salt didn't make it due to a Bloat (if you haven't read about bloats in goats, here's a great link: !) Little Diesel somehow got a food bin with laying pellets in it open and Salt ate too much. :(
She was surely beautiful!
Thankfully, Pepper is still around. We don't know for sure what breed she is or her age, but she is the largest goat I've ever seen. She could stand on her hind legs and be much taller than I am (I'm 5 ft 8 in..) She easily jumps our 4.5 foot fence just to eat weeds out of the woods.  There's not too many people around, so we just let her be, but it's still amazing that she is capable of jumping like that.
We really would like to be getting babies this fall, but I guess that's their decision. This will be Pepper's first time having kids, but Chloe's second. We can't wait to see what else is in store!
There are so many funny stories I could tell about these cra-a-a-zy animals, but I'll save those for another time. It's getting late! Everyone have a wonderful night.
Until tomorrow!