Farming with Cianna

Farming with Cianna

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Furry Friend Introductions ~ Peppa the Pig

Good morning on this beautiful Tuesday morning; what a great day!
Well this morning, like many, I woke up to my pig "excitedly" chasing a large tote around the yard. 
Not only was the tote making a ton of noise from being pounced on, but Peppa was also squealing at the top of his lungs!
Peppa the Pig is very much an attention seeker. If you're not paying attention to him and ONLY him, he screams until you are! He's also one of the nicest pigs I know though.
This is Peppa (my mom named him after the kid's cartoon.) He's a potbelly pig who loves having his chin and belly scratched. We got him about a year ago; our lives have been changed ever since.
 Piggers started out living in our house. He was extremely skiddish at first due to only being around his mother and siblings. My crazy Chaweenie puppy wanted to play with him so badly, he continued to bark and scare the poor pig even more. We put two dog crates together so he would have one side with his bed, eat and drink in between the cages, and use the bathroom in the liter box, which was in the other side.

Once he was in, we let the monster (Brodie the Chaweenie) out to meet him. It really didn't go as good as we were hoping. At the time there was a bowl of raspberries in water and another bowl with salad in the middle. Brodie scared the pig by it everywhere through the outside of the cage, that Peppa knocked over the raspberry water ON THE CARPET! Surprisingly, mom wasn't extremely mad...I think she was just excited that there was a actual pig in her house.
Peppa finally got used to Brodie and using the liter box the next day, so we made the decision to let him roam the house. I've never seen an animal sniff as much he did; he loved it so much. Brodie also loved it! He was an "only child" before then, so it was exciting for him to finally have someone to play with(:


After a few months, Pigga started getting bigger, which we expected coming from a mother who was 110 pounds. The snow was melted and it was getting warmer out. We decided it was time to finally show him the world. We released him and my puppy in the fenced in back yard (all the other animals were in the houses so Brodie wouldn't attack them) and let them do their own things. Of course they stuck side-by-side as they explored the new territory. They loved being able to run free! After we saw how happy the pig was, we agreed to allow him to make it his new home until Winter.

Peppa is still running around in the backyard with all his animal friends, happily. He is pretty much the boss of everyone. He gets what he wants, just because he is so smart he can figure out how to get it by himself.
Ever since we released him, he has gotten himself into all kinds of trouble such as:
  • Digging his way under the fence and running the neighborhood
  • Push the fence open to escape
  • Opening and closing doors to let in/let out other animals
  • Locking the chickens out of the chicken coop because "that's his sleeping place"
  • Destroying feed totes just to get the feed
  • Stealing the other animals' feed
  • Going crazy, pushing totes up and down the yard
  • Squealing as loud as he can because it's raining instead of just going inside
  • Pushing the ducks out of the pools on hot days because he wants in
(I will link some of these to tell the whole story)
And there is so much more, but I'll keep you updated on that.
Well, it was a pleasure introducing you to our crazy pig, Peppa. Hope you enjoyed reading about his exciting life.(:
Have a wonderful day wherever you are!
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