Farming with Cianna

Farming with Cianna

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Furry Friend Introductions ~ Puppies!

Good afternoon everyone! Hope everyone is having a great day and enjoying the nice weather.
I just want to say, thanks so much for all the support.  It really means so much to me.
Well, I figured I'd go ahead and wrap up the furry friend intros so that we can start with the feathered friends tomorrow!
The last of our fur babies are of course, my puppies.
We have two puppies in the family, Brodie and Cooper.
Brodie was given to me last year for my birthday by my boyfriend (talk about the BEST gift EVER!)
They pulled it off petty good...all except my mom who took us to Dairy Queen for dinner, ate her ice cream for about an hour as she was waiting for Dan to arrive with the dog, (they were obviously late) and then pretended to poop in the bathroom to kill time. When Dan finally showed up, we walked outside and I saw the tiny puppy in his arms. I totally thought he went and bought himself a dog until I thought about how long mom made us wait. When he handed Brodie to me, I was shocked that my mom would actually agree to letting me have a dog. That was definitely one of the most shocking things she's done.
Oh well! He has been my absolute BEST friend ever since(: 
 Baby Brodie is a Chiweenie...yes a Chiwawa-Weiner Dog mix (one time I was trying to tell a stranger what breed he is and I accidentally said "Chiweena"...Talk about embarrassing!)  We got him when he was just 2 months old on May 27, 2015.  


Now Brodie is a year and 4 months old. He is full grown and ornery as ever.
He enjoys tearing things up, barking at people, and playing with other animals. He sleeps right beside me, under the covers every night...and WARNING: he is the grouchiest dog ever when he is tired!
Brodie can definitely be bad, but he is my BFF.

Just recently, about 2 weeks ago, we took in this little guy.


Cooper was found under a porch by one of our friends, along with his sister. We do not know his breed or age, but he was able to eat and drink on his own when he arrived at the "farm". His looks and howl lead us to believe he is part Hound. He is definitely a cutie!
My boyfriend and I were supposed to be watching him until our friend found him a home, but MOM TOLD HIM WE WOULD KEEP IT!!!!
Wow! Another crazy action by mom! 
Thankfully, we were able to keep Cooper and make him a permanent member of the family. 
Him and Brodie enjoy play together, barking at each other, going on walks, and getting in all kinds of trouble together.  
He already knows how to sit and speak, and is a fast learner! 
Thank Goodness!

Well, you've now met all our furry pets here at the farm! Hope you're ready for some feathery fun tomorrow! Thank you again for your time.
Until tomorrow!

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