Farming with Cianna

Farming with Cianna

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

10+ Ways to Cut Down on Waste

Here at the farm, we used to go through trash bags like CRAZY!
After doing a little thinking, I came up with a list of stuff that would help to cut back on waste.
Not only are we saving money now, but we are also helping to save the Earth.
Many of the things we throw away every day can be reused around the house, or recycled.

Cut back. Period.

This can be hard for people to do, especially if they are as picky as I am.
I could suggest not buying single bottles of water, but I'm not going to because that's all I will drink.
I will suggest buying a reusable water bottle though, because they are becoming a popular thing, and getting a lot cuter!
I really believe we should all be cutting down on the processed foods all together. In that case, we would be cutting down the on packaging we throw away tremendously. We all need sweets and easy-to-make foods sometimes. In this case, we should buy in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging we pitch.
Also, use less napkins and paper products at your house!

These are just a few examples, but there are so many more great ways to cut back.
That's not all though! Put what you do have to buy to good use!

Reusing Around The House

I reuse many things around the house.
There's no need to throw away most of the stuff we tend to pitch!

1. Lunch meat containers can be reused for storing leftovers or other items (also can be recycled.)

2. Plastic water bottles can be re-purposed in many ways.
  • Use bottle halves to start seeds in.
  • Hang bottles with the ends removed in rabbit cages. Use for holding hay and treats to give them something to do.
  • Use for bird feeders. Poke holes big enough for their beaks, but small enough that the feed doesn't all come out. Put bird or chicken feed in and hang! 
  • Poke holes in cap and use as waterer.
  • Use dry bottles to store seeds for following years. 
  • Craft, Craft, Craft! Pintrest has a TON of crafting posts using plastic bottles!
  • Recycle them!
3. Used milk jugs (or any jugs) can be used as watering jugs as well. We fill them with our homemade herbal air freshener so it is ready to go when we need it. 

4. Used toilet paper and paper towel rolls can be used as hanging bird feeders and hanging hay holders for the rabbits.

5. Used K-Cups also have many uses around the house! (SAVE THE COFFEE GROUNDS!)
  • Use them as seed starters. They already have a drain hole in the bottom, so just plant and go!
  • Use them as bath bomb molds.
  • Decorate with them! Poke Christmas lights through the bottom holes, and have instant party lighting.
4.) Cut holes in the bottom of Nespresso pods and add them to a string of Christmas lights for a year-round decorative garland.:
  •  Check Pintrest for additional crafts and DIY K-Cup activities!
  • Again, Recycle

6.  Save Coffee and Tea Grounds for your compost bin, garden, and more!
  • Using the grounds in your garden adds nitrogen to the soil and greatly helps your plants thrive. It also eliminates snails, slugs, and ants!
  • Using them on root plants, such as carrots, makes them grow the most!
  • Cleaning with coffee helps get that deeper clean that some places need, not to mention it smells GREAT!
  • Make homemade scrubs and soaps with it! Once again, it smells awesome! 
  • Ladies - coffee grounds even have a possibility of helping with cellulite. Rubbing grounds on the areas for about 10 minutes a few times per week could help make it disappear.
  • Some people even cook with grounds! Meat rubs are the most popular.
7.  Look up DIY activities for other things you throw away. There are tons of things you can do with stuff that will save you money and create fun!

Getting Rid of Food Scraps

There are a lot of food scraps you have to pitch, but there are also many you can put to good use!

1. Replanting
  • Replant lettuce and celery bottoms, pineapple tops, mushroom stems, garlic heads, and onions to save you money and cut back.
2. Composting
  • Start a compost bin or pile if you don't already have one! You can add vegetable scraps, fruit scraps, eggshells, newpaper, wood scraps, manure, weeds, and grass cuttings. Keep turning it and you will have fresh, healthy soil in no time!
3. Feeding scraps to animals
  • Chickens, ducks, and rabbits LOVE getting vegie and fruit scraps!
  • Goats like anything really from vegies to old bread.
  • Feed meat scrap to your dogs.
I recommend not feeding your animals anything moldy.

Let Others Put it to Good Use

If you don't like that shirt anymore, or got a new TV, don't just throw it away. There's plenty you can do with that stuff!

1. Good Will and Thrift shops
2. Facebook Fleamarkets/Craigslist
3. Yardsale
4. Give to people in need
5. Freecycle
6. BuyNothing

There are always people out there in search of free or cheap stuff. Don't pitch it! Sell it or give it away!
Even things like baby food jars are needed by people.

I like the idea of saving the Earth. Though one person could never do it themselves, they can inspire others to help make a change. Change really does start with you!
Until tomorrow!


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